Long Cruise 2018 – British Virgin Islands


July 14-22, 2018.  Long Cruise 2018 will take Ship 100 back to the Caribbean.  We have chartered 3 luxury yachts and will sail from Tortola to Norman, Peter, Dead Chest,  Salt, Cooper, Ginger, Virgin Gorda (The Baths) and out to Anegada, swinging back to Jost Van Dyke before returning to Road Town.

(Last Update 4/12/18)


  • Boat Charter Fee: $386
  • Food and Provisions: $269
  • Flight*: $736
  • Travel Insurance: $62
  • Ground Accomodations* (2 nights) $94
  • Ground Transportation $138
  • Fees: $65 (Customs, Mooring, Trash and Water)
  • TOTAL* –  $1750 (Last update 4/12/18)

Fee Schedule

  • Due to date:  $500
  • March 15 – $500
  • May 15 – $700
  • TOTAL: $1750

Preparation Dates

  • March 17 (Sat) – Swim Checks and Inter-crew Swim Meet.
  • April 21-22 (Sat-Sun) – Prep Cruise, Crew 1
  • May 2 – Passport Alert. (If you haven’t applied by this date, it’s a problem.)
  • May 10 (Thurs) – Meal Planning
  • May 18-20 (Fri-Sun) – Prep Cruise, Crew 2 (with Gilligans)
  • June 2-3 – Prep Cruise, Crew 3 and MYC Opening Weekend
  • June 14 and 21 – Activity Shirt Preparation
  • June 28 – Gear Check

Trip Schedule

Note: Hotel and Island Itinerary are not for public disclosure.

  • Saturday July 14
    • 0515 Depart for Airport
    • 0815  Flight to STT
    • 1215 Arrive St. Thomas
    • 1315 Catch bus to resort
    • Stay overnight on St Thomas
  • Sunday July 15
    • 0700 Mass  (optional)
    • 1045 Bus to Ferry Terminal
    • 1130 Ferry to Tortola
    • 1230 Ferry arrives Tortola, clear Her Majesty’s Customs.
    • 1300 Bus to Marina
    • 1330 Check-in
    • 1430 Launch
  • Saturday July 21
    • 1000 Dock
    • 1200 Clear Boats
    • 1400 Ferry to St Thomas
  • Sunday July 22
    • 1000 – Depart for Charlotte Amalie
    • 1100-1330 – Shopping and Lunch in Charlotte Amalie
    • 1415 – Arrive STT
    • 1615 – Flight Departs
    • 1615 – Arrive DCA


  • Trip Insurance will be purchased.

Requirements for Participants

  • Must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America
  • Youth must be at least age 13 and finished the 8th Grade, but not yet 21 by July 14, 2018.
  • Adult berths limited to 2 per boat, unless no youth available.  Priority is set by training and scouting experience and the assessment of the Ship’s Committee.  Youth limited to crew allotment per boat.  Three boats permit 19 youth and 6 adults.  No 4th boat will be scheduled.
  • Must be able to complete the BSA Swim Check at the “Swimmer” Level.
  • Must have a BSA Medical Authorisation Forms A, B & C with doctor’s approval.
  • Must have current US Passport.
  • Everyone over 18 must have current BSA Youth Protection Training.
  • Adult over 21 (including Scouts age 18-20) must have current First Aid/CPR.  WRFA or equivalent preferred.


  • Personal Duffle Bag (12x12x24) – All gear must fit inside personal bag.
  • Unit Gear
    • WFA Medical Kit, one per boat.   Reef specific supplies.
    • Sunscreen, spf30 or higher.  Titanium Oxide (no benzone or -salate based chemical sunscreens allowed)
    • Aloe with lidocaine.
    • Charts and navigation gear.
    • Insect repellant
  • Comes with boat:
    • Snorkelling Gear
    • Galley supplies (cooking, serving)
    • GPS
    • Radio
    • Local cell phone (emergency use)
    • VISAR
    • Sleeping linens, bath towels

** Please note – inflatable PFDs are (a) only permitted for those 16yo and older, and (b) the canister must be detached from the vest and packed in the Ship 100 Checked Bags (first aid kits.)  The airline does not allow compressed air in carry-on baggage.


  • Reservations are non-refundable.  They may be transferred, but Ship 100 has made a financial obligation on your behalf.  Registrations are binding unless a replacement can be found.  Insurance for cancellations is payable to Ship 100.
  • Water stores are reserved for drinking and galley use.  Participants should NOT expect daily showers.  Swimming in clear salt water will keep folks clean and will be quite good for the skin.  For those with longer hair, VERY limited opportunities for washing hair may be available.
  • Weather will be in the low to mid 80s at all times.  Moderately windy conditions at all times.  If weather turns bad, boats will return to Road Town Joma Marina or nearest safe port.
  • Leave all valuables and jewelry at home.
  • Participants should bring $100 in personal cash.  They will manage their own funds.  Adult leaders will not serve as bankers.
  • Cell phones will not work past St. John.  Participants should bring them for the flight/wait.  But once on board, power off to save battery.  Scouts may not use personal electronics during the cruise.
  • A Swim Test will be scheduled in March.  Those who cannot complete at the swimmer level will be given the opportunity to seek coaching.
  • Three boats will operate independently.  The fleet will regroup each night at prescribed anchorages/moorings. (TBD)
  • Scouts will be expected to participate cheerfully in all work assignments and rotations.  No exceptions will be given without a doctor’s certification.
  • Flagship: SSTV No Worries



*Note – this is preliminary and example only.  Destinations may vary based on weather and crew preference.  And no – not all who wander are lost.