Sea Scouts in Ship 100 have two uniforms.  A “Work” uniform (NCU Blues) and a “Dress” Uniform (Crackerjack Whites).  We also make our own activity shirts each June (tie-dye and stencils.)

The Primary Uniform is the NCU.  Whites are used infrequently and parents/guardians are advised to delay purchase until needed.  We find that youth often outgrow these before first wear.


The “New Century Universal” or NCU is our basic uniform.  It’s pretty inexpensive and you can get the shirts online at Walmart, Amazon or anywhere that sells Dickies Work Shirts.

We provide the patches.You provide everything else.

Inspection SheetNCU

** We have a resource in the ship to embroider this directly onto the shirt.

Dress Whites – Available from Henderson Hall Uniform Supplywhites

Dress White Inspection Sheet

Ship 100 has a limited supply of white uniforms for loan.

  • White USN Service Hat (dixiecup) $8.62
  • White USN Crackerjack Jumper $15.06
    • Left Shoulder Council Shoulder Patch $2.79
    • Right front, above pocket, “Sea Scouts BSA” patch, navy on white $4.99 **
    • Right Shoulder: American Flag $1.49
    • Right Sleeve: Ship 100 Unit Patch (Provided)
    • Rank and office are placed in the same location as the BSA Shirt (included in dues)
    • BSA Sea Scout “bugs” on tarflap $3.19
      • no stripes on tarflap
    • Black USN Neckerchief: $8.43
  • White USN enlisted trousers $22.04
  • Black leather shoes.  (Example linked.)


  • NCUs are officially worn with plain black leather dress shoes.  NCUs may be worn with dark tennis shoes.  For most weekly meetings – any shoe will work.
  • Sailing REQUIRES scuff-free boat shoes.  No black sole shoes will be allowed.  No crocs.  No sandals.  Closed toe light-colored soles only.  (We like our deck to remain white please… no black scuffs, no blood.)

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