Ship 100 uses the New Century Universal.  This is our only BSA official uniform.  We also 11709499_1017473498277544_6073478483877293086_nmake our own activity shirts each June (tie-dye and stencils.)


The “New Century Universal” or NCU is our basic uniform.  Where to buy?

  • SG Trading Post (All uniform parts available, shirt comes with basic patches and embroidery)
  • Amazon, Walmart or Dickies (Uniform shirt and pants, no embroidery, no patches)

We provide the patches. You provide the uniform.

Inspection Sheet (But don’t get too hung up on this.)NCU

  • Shirt, DARK Navy, Dickies Brand, Short Sleeve
    • Left Shoulder: Council Shoulder Patch, and badge of office.
    • Right Shoulder: US Flag and Ship 100 Unit Patch
    • Left Front, 3″ above pocket – World Order of Scouting Patch
    • Right front, above pocket. “Sea Scouts BSA”
  • Tarflap Neckerchief (Youth Only) $15
  • Shorts/Pants in dark navy.  Dickies recommended.
  • Belt: $13
  • Sea Scouts cap, navy: $15.25


  • NCUs are officially worn with plain black leather dress shoes.  NCUs may be worn with dark tennis shoes.  For most weekly meetings – any shoe will work.
  • Sailing REQUIRES scuff-free boat shoes.  No black sole shoes will be allowed.  No crocs.  No sandals.  Closed toe light-colored soles only.  (We like our deck to remain white please.)


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