Midshipman Program

What is a Midshipman?  No – we’re not shipping you off to Annapolis.  Much like cadets who are not yet fully trained to become Naval Officers, our Midshipmen are Boy Scouts who have not yet met the requirements to Join Sea Scouts.  However, they may participate in program without earning rank.  You are not registered with the Ship, and must remain with your Troop.  But we can take you sailing in accordance with BSA guidelines.mid

Requirements to be a Midshipman

    • Be at least 13yo.
    • Be registered as a member of the Boy Scouts of America in good standing with the National Capital Area Council. This is required to ensure you are covered by the BSA Liability Insurance.
    • Attain First Class Rank and hold a BSA Totin’ Chip.
    • Sign the Ship 100 Code of Conduct
    • Midshipman Dues apply.  These dues help contribute to the overall cost of operations.
    • Obtain and maintain in good order a Ship 100 Activity Uniform.  Midshipman do not wear the Sea Scout Uniform.  They wear the BSA Field Uniform for dress events.
    • Participate in at least 50% of meetings and eligible events, including weekenders, sailing, formal events and service projects.  This includes working on the boat.  (That seagull poo isn’t going to fall off the boat by itself!)
    • Learn and repeat the Sea Scout Promise.
    • Remain an active member of your home Troop.
    • Midshipmen may earn rank requirements for Boy Scouts if a signed agreement with the Troop is in place.  See the Ship’s leadership for more information.
Once you turn 14:
    • You graduate from the Midshipman Program
    • You must register as a Sea Scout to continue in the program.
    • You may either
      • (a) remain in your Boy Scout Troop or
      • (b) continue exclusively as a Sea Scout

With the upcoming 2019 Program Additions for Girls, we will extend the midshipman program to girls as well.  The key issue being that scouts are covered by BSA Liability Insurance.


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