Are you interested in joining Sea Scouts?  To join, you must be a Girl or Boy, at least 14yo (or 13 and finished the 8th grade) but not yet turned 21.

If you are already a Boy Scout, you can belong to BOTH Sea Scouts and your Troop.  Or you can continue working towards Eagle in the Ship if you are already at least 1st Class.  Both or just one – it’s your choice.  The Ship will help coordinate with your Scoutmaster.


  1. Complete the BSA Application.  (Ship 100 no longer uses online applications because of problems with transfers and dual enrolled scouts.)
  2. Contribute financially. (The Budget is public.)
    • Dues are $300/year for full members,
    • $200 for Auxiliary and Midshipmen.
  3. Get a uniform.  Visit the Uniforms Page for more information about uniforms.
  4. Get a Sea Scout Manual.  The PDF is available, but a paper copy is needed for rank advancement.
  5. Get involved!  Go sailing, motorboating, camping – the program is nearly unlimited.

Not old enough?  Look into being a Midshipman.

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