Sea Scout Ship 100 (SSS Dominion) was chartered in 2012, the 100th Anniversary of Sea Scouts.  As such, DSCN0833.JPGthat’s why we’re Ship 100.

We meet most Thursday nights at 7pm at the American Legion Post 10 in Manassas.  (Call before you visit.)

The first Thursday is Quarterdeck – our Leadership meetings.  Youth elect their leaders who then plan program.

The last Thursday is “Shore Leave” and we alternate between Service at St. Lucy’s, or “Random Fun” such as the Escape Vint Hill Program, Trampoline Dodgeball, or Laser Capture the Flag.

Boating Program

Our boating program is broken into four classes:

  1. Small Boat – trailered boats about 14 feet long for Koch Cup Preparation or just fun.  If there’s a ramp, we can sail.  The SSTV Centurion, SSTV Tide Breaker and SSTV Dominion all support this program.
  2. Day Cruising – sailing from Fort Washington, MD (across from Mount Vernon in Alexandria).  This is aboard the SSTV Benjamin Chase.
  3. Overnight Cruising – sailing from Baltimore or Deale, MD and out into the Chesapeake Bay.  Scouts sleep aboard the SSTV Blue November or SSTV der PeLiKan.
  4. Powerboating and Water Sports.  Our Yamaha LS2000 Jet Boat is the newest addition to our fleet.  Beginning in 2018 – we will we waterskiing, slaloming and just enjoying the water.  Scouts may earn the Powerboating Merit Badge, or Water Sports Merit Badge.  The SSTV Captain Kidd is also our safety boat for small-boat sailing.

Long Cruise Plans

Long Cruise is our annual “Summer Cruise” for a week.  Where many Scouts go to camp, we go to sea!

  • 2018 – British Virgin Islands
  • 2019 – Chesapeake and Tangier Island
  • 2020 – Greece and Aegean Sea
  • 2021 – Northern Chesapeake

Other Program

Sea Scouts is virtually unlimited.  Upcoming program includes:14463282_748947441910183_4506375646731390605_n

  • Naval Flight.  Including FAA Drone Training and EAA flight lessons.
  • Swimming.  We host an annual Swim Checks and Silly Swim Meet.
  • Rock Climbing.  We attend Vertical Rock to prepare for climbing masts.


A Scout helps other people at all times.


Ship 100 serves regularly at the St. Lucy Project, gathering, sorting and distributing food to pantries around the 21 counties in northern Virginia.  For more information, visit the St Lucy Project.

We have other ad-hoc service opportunities and work with the Brinton Environvironmental Center at Sea Base.


Ship 100 is a youth-led Ship.  The Boatswain and the Quarterdeck (officers) makecommodoredecisions.  They have admin rights to our TroopTrack system, manage the calendar, send the emails and choose the fun.

We also give back to the wider Sea Scout Community.  Our adult leadership serves in several roles at the Council and Flotilla levels, as well as service on the board of Friends of Sea Scouts of Maryland, a 501(c)3 organization that provides financial and legal support to Sea Scout units around the Chesapeake.

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